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Prediction of depressive symptoms at high age (80+) by psychological, biological and functional factors

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Une refamilialisation du social dans la crise sanitaire de COVID-19? Éléments d’interprétation issus d’une revue de presse de mars à juin 2020 dans plusieurs pays européens.

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Boundaries of Life: Attitudinal, Value and Political Implications on Euthanasia, Abortion, Reproduction and Medical Practices.

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A new data infrastructure for family research and demographic analysis: the German Family Demography Panel Study (FReDA)

Hank, K., Gummer, T., Bujard, M., Neyer, F.J., Pollak, R., Spieß, K., Wolf, C., Christmann, P., Kunz, T., Lück, D.,…

Organizational commitments to equality change how people view women’s and men’s professional success.

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Successful Life Conduct in Very Old Age: Theoretical Implications and Empirical Support from a Population-Based Study.

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Positive, negative, and ambivalent dyads and triads with family and friends: A personal network study on how they are associated with young adults’ well-being.

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