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Current research projects

Attitudes Toward Education and Educational Success

Project manager: Dr. Judith Offerhaus

Changes in the family network after parental divorce, funded with a Walter Benjamin Position (DFG)

Leitung: Vera de Bel


Demografische und soziale Bildungsreproduktion: Eine internationale Untersuchung

Leitung Teil 1: Dr. Gordey Yastrebov

Mitarbeitende: Vanessa Wittemann, Zuzana Zilincikova

Laufzeit: Bis 30. April 2024

Leitung Teil 2: Prof. Dr. Thomas Leopold

Mitarbeitende: Vanessa Wittemann

Laufzeit: Bis 31. August 2025


Employment of Women During the Corona Crisis

• Principal investigators: Dr. Lukas Fervers, Prof. Dr. Marita Jacob (University of Cologne), Prof. Silke Anger (IAB Institute

for Employment Research)

• Research assistants: Lina Tobler (University of Cologne), Dr. Bernhard Christoph,…


Principal investigators: Sebastian Sattler (Cologne) and Prof. Dr. Guido Mehlkop (Erfurt)

Further contact person: Prof. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg

ERC Starting Grant „Social Integration and Boundary Making in Adolescence (SOCIALBOND)“


Clemens Kroneberg (PI)

4 PhD students (starting February 2018)


Leitung: Carolin Thönnissen, Rüdiger Lenke & Nina Schumann

Laufzeit: Januar 2020 - Dezember 2024


Friendship and Violence in Adolescence

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg

Research assistants: André Ernst, Maria Gerth, Kathrin Lämmermann

Future and Career plans before before high school graduation (ZuBAb study)

A cooperation project between the University of Cologne and the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

German Family Panel (pairfam)

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Karsten Hank

Research assistant: Martin Wetzel

since May 2014

Juvenile delinquency in urban school and residential contexts

PI: Prof. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg

Scientific Staff: Dipl.-Soz. André Ernst, N.N.

Student Assistants: N.N.


Social networks and well-being: A multi-method study

PI: Prof. Dr. Lea Ellwardt

Staff members: Amelie Reiner, Paula Steinhoff

Student assistants: Anna Leuwer, Maya Wermeyer

The Cologne Refugee Projects

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Friedrichs

Research assistants: Felix Leßke, M.A. and Vera Schwarzenberg, M.A