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Information on writing your Bachelor/Master Thesis / Empirical Paper

In the following documents you can get an overview of what Prof. Davidov expects from a thesis. Below is a document with notes on how to write an empirical paper.

List of topics for a final thesis:

  • Examining and/or explaining measurement (non)invariance across cultures or over time using survey data
  • Social psychological scale development (including second-order factors) using confirmatory factor analysis techniques for measurement and validation.
  • Examining in a theoretically driven way antecedents and consequences of the human values theory by Shalom Schwartz using advanced analysis techniques like structural equation modeling (only BA students may use instead simpler regression techniques). Values may be measured both among adults or school children.
  • Explaining negative sentiments toward immigrants from a cross-cultural perspective using survey data like the European Social Survey or the International Social Survey Program, and advanced quantitative analysis techniques such as structural equation modeling or multilevel analysis (only BA students may use instead simpler regression techniques).
  • Analyzing and explaining response bias (e.g. yes-saying tendency, extreme response, social desirability) using multiple indicators and SEM techniques.

Current courses are listed in KLIPS2.