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Information on theses at the chair of Prof. Wagner

If you are interested in writing your thesis at the chair of Prof. Wagner, you should choose a topic corresponding to the teaching and research focus of the chair. This means it should come from the fields of general sociology or social demography, in particular family sociology, life course and ageing research, or sociology of education. In addition, it is expected that you have already attended appropriate courses during your studies.
Apart from the personal support by Prof. Wagner or the research assistants of the chair, which will take place within the framework of individually agreed appointments, your active participation in the research and examination colloquium is expected. After consultation with your supervisor, you should  present your work in the research and examination colloquium in a 30-minute lecture, which will then be discussed. This gives you the opportunity to receive feedback that will contribute to the successful completion of your thesis. It is also important that you regularly participate actively in the colloquium so that you can give feedback on other participants' works.
If you are interested, please arrange an appointment, to which you are already welcome to submit suggestions for topics and possible research questions. Following this, you are expected to write a synopsis (about 5 pages) on your topic, which should make the following points clear: relevance of the topic, research question, sketch of theoretical embedding, and methodology.