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Areas of responsibility

Institute for Sociology and Social Psychology (ISS)

  • Managing Director ISS
  • Managing Director Joint Sociology Library of the USB and WISO Faculty
  • Student Advisory Service Department of Sociology

WISO Faculty

  •  Program Director of the Bachelor's degree program in Social Sciences/Sociology and the Master's degree program in Sociology and Social Research
  •  Credits Department of Sociology


Before contacting Dr. André Ernst directly, please contact the secretary's office. To make an appointment during consultation hours, please enter a keyword on the topic when requesting an appointment and your ID from the WISO credit transfer center for advance credits/credit transfers: Petra Altendorf.


Questions about advance charges, credits

Please note that advance credits and credits are processed via the WISO credit transfer center.

Therefore, please always include your ID from the crediting database in your (appointment) request if you have any questions about crediting.