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Staff and sponsors

Team of the current wave

Title of the project:

After midlife – a fourth follow-up survey of former 16-year-old high school students on life success and the interpretation of success at the age of 65

Project leaders:

Prof. Dr. Klaus Birkelbach,University Duisburg-Essen

Prof. Dr. Heiner Meulemann,University of Cologne

Former research assistants:

Christian Sondergeld, M.A., University Duisburg-Essen

Veronika Witt, M.Sc., University of Cologne

Student assistants:

Jacqueline Schütte, University of Cologne

Lena Borgards and Eren Ziebell, University Duisburg-Essen

Former student assistants: Sophie Alefeld, Jonas Fey, Carolin Ehlers, Nadine Neuhaus, Vanessa Dawidowicz and Lara Heuckelbach

Funding Institution: DFG

Duration: 2018 – 2023

Project staff and supporters over time

Foremost, we would like to thank the participants, who were and are the most important supporters of the Cologne High School Panel through their willingness to provide their valuable time!

  • The primary survey was financed by the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia and conducted by the Research Institute for Sociology at the University of Cologne, headed by René König. Project leaders were Hans-Joachim Hummell, Michael Klein, Maria Wieken-Mayser and Rolf Ziegler.

  • The first follow-up was conducted at the former Central Archive for Empirical Social Research, led by Heiner Meulemann, Hans-Joachim Hummell, Maria Wieken-Mayser and Rolf Ziegler. Project staff was Wilhelm Wiese. The field work was accomplished by the GETAS-Institute in Bremen. It was financed for four years by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

  • The additional evaluation project „Professional and private conditions for academical and vocational success“ was funded by the DFG for two years from 1991 to 1993. Heiner Meulemann was applicant and project leader of the project conducted at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf. The project was elaborated by Klaus Birkelbach and Stephan Blaneck.

  • The second follow-up survey was conducted via telephone between December 1996 and June 1997 at the CATI laboratory of the Institute for Applied Social Research at the University of Cologne and was financed by the DFG for a total of four years. Applicant and project leader was Heiner Meulemann; project staff were Klaus Birkelbach and Otto Hellwig. Werner Hemsing worked for the project as a chair member.

  • The evaluation project „Teachers judgements in the life course“ at the University Duisburg-Essen was funded by the DFG for one year in 2009/2010. Applicant and project leader was Klaus Birkelbach, project staff was Dominik Becker. A special thank goes to Maria Wieken-Mayser, who supported us with the editing of the supplementary teacher survey.

  • The third follow-up survey was financed by the DFG for a total of three years between 2009 and 2012 as a cooperation between the University of Cologne and the University Duisburg-Essen. The telephone survey was again conducted at the telephone laboratory of the Cologne Research Institute for Sociology. Applicants and project leaders were Klaus Birkelbach (University Duisburg-Essen) and Heiner Meulemann (University of Cologne). Christiane Reinelt and Anne Weber worked on the project in Essen, Sebastian Neumeyer and Barbara Wawrzyniak in Cologne. Anja Grauenhorst worked on the project as member of the chair. 

  • The fourth follow-up survey was again funded by the DFG. It took place between 2018 and 2022 as a co- operation of the University of Cologne and the University Duisburg-Essen. Applicants and project leaders were Klaus Birkelbach (University Duisburg-Essen) and Heiner Meulemann (University Cologne). The telephone survey was conducted at the telephone laboratory of the Institute for Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Cologne. Veronika Witt (University of Cologne) and Christian Sondergeld (University Duisburg-Essen) were the research assistants. The duration of the project was extended until May 2023.

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