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Economic and Social Psychology Laboratory

Why do so few people buy Fairtrade products, even though so many rate the seal very positively? What impact does mobile payment have on the consumer experience? Why do we often find it so difficult to part with useless items? How can the crowdfunding boom be explained psychologically? How do people experience unequal payment and what are the consequences?

At WiSoPsyLab, we get to the bottom of these and other questions. In exciting studies, you can contribute to answering them - without needing background knowledge - and receive attractive rewards along the way.


Depending on the study, you will be compensated for the time spent with cash, vouchers, sweets or participation in raffles. In addition, through your participation you make an active contribution to research at our university.
Participation requires a non-binding online registration in the registration system. This takes only one to two minutes. Once registered, you will be notified by email of current studies and the respective dates for which you can register online.